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How do you plant out the kit?

1. Dismantle the kit leaving the wire mesh screen in place

2. Mark out the fixing points & install appropriate fixing screws. Test hang kit

3. Fill with soil up until just below 2nd horizontal wire.

4. Cut hole in mesh according to size of root ball

5. Insert plant on angle tilted upwards

6. Cut out the next hole etc and complete bottom row.


7. Pour more soil on top and complete next row etc.

 8. When finished planting carefully reassemble, give it a really good watering and hang kit in place.  
 Top 5 Vertical Garden Tips

  • Take time to consider the environment your kit will face over the seasons.
  • Choose hardy plants that will best suit the location
  • Carefully layout your kits design
  • Use good quality potting mix such as Debco terracotta and tub
  • Water regularly

How does the product hang?
-There are 4 keyhole-fixing points at the rear that hook over screws.

How heavy are the kits?
- Fully planted out kits with saturated soil will weigh approx 8kg.

What type of soil would you use?
- Only use a premium potting mix such as Debco Terracotta & Tub mix. You should only need approx 10 litres.

How do you water the kit?
- The kits have a watering tray at the top that has many small holes allowing for slow & steady watering.

How often do you need to water?
- The type of plants will govern the amount of water required. Because the kit drains well you will need to water regularly when placed in warm environments. Don’t let your soil & plants dry out!

Are the kits modular?
- You can join kits together; clever planting at the top and bottom of each kit will hide the watering compartments. Irrigation can be set up to run between the kits.

How long will the plants last?
- Providing that the kits get regular watering, sunlight and nutrients, there is no reason why plants cannot last for years. If a plant becomes too large it can be removed and replaced. For recommended plants see the tech info page & consult with your local nursery.

What happens if you want to replant the kit?
-To replace an old lettuce or plant, lay the kit on its back scoop out the plant and insert new plant. You can replant the entire kit and start from scratch, new front sleeves can be purchased from Living Holmes Design.

Can children use the kits?
- Providing young children are supervised with using the scissors of knife to cut the holes, the mini kits are great for kids & schools etc..

7. Pour more soil on top and complete next row etc.
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