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Plant Ideas


The VertiScape Mini Vertical Garden is an easy-to-use potting mix based kit that is quick to set up and simple to maintain. The kit can be planted vertically for instant results and comes with 12 sections in which to plant out your favourite herbs, lettuce, indoor plants, succulents and much more. The kit has a modern design and can be wall mounted or placed free standing in your kitchen or office space.

For best results we recommend good quality potting mix such as Debco Terracotta & Tub with water saving crystals to store water. Smaller plant varieties will work best and are easier to plant in the kit.

When in doubt choose common, hardy varieties. Below are some basic vertical plant ideas to get you started;

 VertiScape Mini Vertical Garden Kit

Technical Info

Height - 495mm

Depth - 130mm

Width - 350mm

The weight of the kit fully planted with saurated soil is approx 8.5kg




 Vertical Salad Garden


Vertical Salad Garden

Lettuce, rocket, basil, parsley, sage, chives, rosemary, thyme, coriander, mint, oregano, strawberries etc.

Tip- When planting your kitchen garden pick out 2-3 main varieties you use the most. Mass plant these to ensure a longer supply.

Vertical Salad 
 Vertical Flower Garden


Vertical Flower Garden

Cyclaman (mini variety works best) Marigold, African violet, viola, pansy, begonia, impatiens, coleus, Lamium, Brachycome, paper daisy etc.

Tip – why not mass plant several kits with pansies. This will give a bigger impact to a feature wall at an economical price.


Vertical Flower 
 Vertical Indoor Garden


Vertical Indoor Garden

Aluminium Plant, Peperomia, Mondo grass, Red flame ivy, Maiden hair fern, Nerve plant, Ajuga, Heuchera, Liriope (smaller varieties) Dwarf Acorus, Dwarf pig face, Hypoestes, Croton, Prayer ferns, Spider plant, Bromeliads (small varieties) Dumb Cane Plant, Calathea & Spathiphyllum (smaller varieties)

Tip – Ferns don’t mind having wet feet. So they are happy to be placed at he bottom row of the kit.  Make sure to plant together varieties with similar watering requirements.

 Vertical Outdoor Garden


Vertical Outdoor Garden

Succulents, Echeveria’s & Sempervivum’s are perfect for outdoors. Choose smaller varieties that re-produce baby plants around the main plant. Dwarf Phoriums such as Jack Sprat, Elfin & Surfer Boy, Sedums such as Gold Mound and Dragonls Blood etc, small Liriope & Carex varieties, mondo & other small grass type plants.

Tip – Succulents are a great plant and forget option and are a great choice for those who don’t have as much time for their pot plants.

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