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Vertical Gardens for Melbourne

Is your office in need of an infusion of green? At Vertical Gardens Melbourne, we create stunning, vertically-installed walls of live green gardens, perfect for your office or home, ready and growing to spice up the décor, and add some colour to your walls.

Our hydroponic installations utilise a lightweight soil medium, allowing them to be easily hung in a variety of situations. Hung in a well-lit location, they offer the ability to grow a variety of attractice and notable plants, geared to alter the décor in your home or office and add a natural feel, pleasing the eyes of both employee and clients. Natural vegetation has been linked to reduced stress in office workers, and calmer people think more rationally and may exhibit greater creativity and passion for their work. Our vertical gardens help to create such an atmosphere in your Melbourne office or home.

Our installations are versatile, and can be fitted with:

  • Creeping vines
  • Fruits
  • Flowering shrubs
  • Perennial flowers
  • Grasses

At Living Holmes, we offer a product that has become the Melbourne standard for green walls, and they have been applied not only to office interiors. Their fully-functional nature allows urban homeowners to make use of these vertical gardens to extend their growing area up fence lines and walls, providing added space for any plant or product you would like to produce.

Our vertical gardens offer large-scale hydroponic installations, for easy maintenance and watering. We provide a custom-build service, so you can fit our products in to any area that you choose. We enjoy seeing our products greening up the walls of our clients, and will go to great lengths to ensure that they fit naturally and properly.

Contact us today to find out how we can provide you with a beautiful vertical garden for your Melbourne home or business.

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