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Vertical Gardens Melbourne

At VertiScape we provide innovative greening solutions for corporate, retail, residential and private clients.  We are the experts in creating indoor and outdoor vertical garden features and have completed over 100 installations throughout Australia.

Vertical Garden Installations

Vertical Garden Installations

Green Roofs

Green Roofs



VertiScape Moss

VertiScape Moss

Our Services

Since 2009 we have been leaders in vertical garden and green wall technology.  We specialize in custom made installations in Melbourne and throughout Australia. Under the Vertiscape brand we now offer the largest range of green wall solutions and products such as;

-                      Large Scale Hydroponic Installations

-                      Interchangeable wall modules with lightweight soil medium

-                      Medium scale units complete with reticulation systems

-                      Green wall facades

-                      Vertical farming products

-                      Custom made project solutions


Our Other Services

Our passion for greening our environment also extends to landscaping, landscape design and also event hire. With these services and our living wall capabilities we can truly create unique gardens and displays for homes, retail spaces, public areas and trade events.

Why Choose Us?

VertiScape are a team of passionate people dedicated to providing the very best service and support within our industry. Leading the way with greening solutions our aim is deliver a professional service across all levels of corporate and private business, and to change the way we design and build our living spaces in the future.

For more information, contact us today or call us on 0428 412 860 for a free consultation.


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