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Green Walls for Melbourne’s Homes and Offices

At Living Holmes, we provide Green Walls for Melbourne and the surrounding area, placing an emphasis on the creation of beautiful indoor and outdoor features, utilising the bounty of our natural plant life.

We have long been passionate about growth and landscaping, and over the course of our time in business we have become leaders in green wall technology and vertical landscaping. We offer a large range of green wall solutions throughout Melbourne and the surrounding area, providing both homes and businesses with:

  • - Hydroponic installations
  • - Medium and large scale green facades
  • - Efficient reticulation systems
  • - Vertical farming setups and products
  • - Bespoke project design and installations

The notable benefits of green walls and green spaces are becoming more publicly known. They offer cooling solutions for buildings, improved air quality both indoors and outdoors, an extension of one's yard and growing potential, and provide a relaxing atmosphere for high-intensity work spaces. We believe that the modern city will continue to encourage the creation of green walls and green spaces, and we intend to be at the forefront of this movement.

For more information on our range of green wall setups and our distinctive, bespoke designs, contact us today.

The city of Melbourne lies in the south of Victoria, on the shores of the shallow Port Phillips Bay. The city hosted the Olympic Games in 1956, and hosts the AFL Grand Final and Australian Grand Prix each year today.

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